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New Artist……….

You have got to check out

This diva definatley has wht it takes to bring the house down!!  Her voice is soft and seductive, with a sassy flare to it.  Her lyrics are tight!  I’m feeling it.

Check her out and show some love. 

GStreet DVD & Mixtape…….

G-Street just released their new DVD and Mixtape.  Featuring hits by One Shot: Capital One Family & Many more!  It’s hott,  it’s on fire,  it’s on 

Get while it’s available.

Good, Original Music…..

There are so many great artist out there that are not being reconized. Many artist that have their own style and because they do not sound like who’s on the radio, it seems they do not get a fair chance in the industry. I think that originality is the key to a successful artist. That’s what the A&R’s are really looking for. Do not get discouraged when someone tells you you should change and be like this or that. Do what you do and be true to yourself, and your music.

Hello world!

I would like to invite you to visit There are 4 songs, all written by myself, a Video and pictures. I am asking you to post a comment or review. Let’s support one another.